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Translator's Afterword




06,Patrick Makumbe

December 21, 2005 9:33 AM

[写真 上から] 写真は上3枚がペインティング、4枚目は別室で見せていたドローイング。


The first three are paintings; the fourth one is a drawing shown in a different room.


Today, I’d like to introduce the works of Patrick, a painter from Zimbabwe, Africa. As I like his works a lot, and he likes my works a lot, we exchanged some paintings after OA.
He always paints Black Africans like himself. The paintings are not so big – about size 15 to 20. He rarely paints dramatic scenes: a few men sitting together on a street, a man and a woman talking intimately leaning against a taxi, a man painting a wall, a man lying on a bed... and so on. Neither these ‘scenes’ nor the way he paints them urges anything. Instead, his paintings show that there is ‘a certain distance.’ This sense of distance, however, makes you feel closeness rather than distance, and sense of interiority rather than exteriority; in other words, in Patrick’s paintings, there is familiarity which the paint creates, at the same time there is formality which the two-dimensionality creates. The sense of distance in his paintings thus make us feel comfortable about the fact that we are looking at a flat surface covered by some paint – the fact that we are looking at paintings. The motif of his paintings – the black workers’ ‘interiority on streets’ (or streets within a room) – also fits perfectly into the way his paintings are. To me, his paintings realize one of the happiest states of paintings. They make me happy.
Patrick comes to his studio at night. Smoking, and a beer in his hand, he finishes his paintings one after another – this I cannot see next year. I will miss him a lot.

06. Patrick Makumbe

December 21, 2005 9:33 AM