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Translator's Afterword



今日は「Het Parool」というオランダの新聞の取材がありました。

事前にHet Paroolから電話があり、

H 「何か部屋に日本っぽいインテリアある?」
私 「団扇と青竹があります」
H 「・・・何かこっちに来てから自分で買ったものは?」
私 「自分で置いたのは、拾ったものと貰い物ばかりです」
H 「・・・何かナイスなもの、部屋にないの?」
私 「すみません。いるのはいつもスタジオで、住まいにはあまり気を使っていなくて・・」



August 24, 2006 5:16 AM

こんな写真になりました。 この前夜は友人とけんかして泣きはらした顔だったのに、「今日時間ある?」っていきなり来られて撮影になってしまいました。とほほのほ。


An Interview by Het Parool

Today, a correspondent of Het Parool, a Dutch news paper company, came for an interview.
It was not about art but about my room, for their feature article about rooms of foreign residents in Amsterdam.
Why me? – there must be tons of foreigners living in Amsterdam... but I said ‘yes’ out of curiosity (mainly towards myself).

Het Parool called me beforehand:

H: Do you have anything ‘Japanese’ in your room?
I: I have Uchiwa (paper fan) and Aodake (green bamboo log).
H: .... What did you buy for your room since you came here?
I: Um... nothing. What I added to my room are the things I picked up on the streets and the things I was given.
H: .... Do you have anything nice in your room?
I: I am sorry... as I spend most of my time in my studio, I have not done much to my apartment...

Hearing this, they decided to come to my studio instead of my apartment.

What are they going to write? Will it be OK? In any case... thank you for coming to see me. The article will be in the first Saturday paper in September. I am not quite sure if I can get hold of it as I’ll be in China... that’s a pity.

This was the image appeared in the newspaper.
On the night before, I had a quarrel with a friend and wept my eyes out. Without any notice, they called me all of a sudden and said ‘Do you have time today?’ and I ended up having a photo taken for the article.... Oh no.

August 24, 2006 5:16 AM