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Goldfishes're coming to house

27th, December 2009

Goldfishes are coming to our house tonight!!


A Krean artist, Go Eun Im, took them with her in our house. She's just moved in our guest-room.

AHHH I cannot stop looking at them..How fascinating to look at goldfishes swimming...

My cat also cannot stop looking at them....(in a different way).



December 27, 2009 6:02 AM



21st. Dec. 2009

Now Holland is extremely cold!! Snowing started from last week and the temperature is minus even in a daytime, like a ski resort. I saw a news that the nature-skating-marathon will be hold in this year, too... sigh, I know.

I went to shopping yesterday to a Chinese-supermarket at the Chinatown however in this cold weather. sigh...it was cold.
And I remembered about when we saw Sanghee, a friend, Korean Artist, at this market last month.
She was on a shopping for Kees, her husband,'s birthday party on tomorrow but she had nothing but 2packs of Japanese snack, 'Kasugai-no-green-pea' in her basket.
She said, "I don't buy so much, I like this and I only buy this."

It made me surprise, but also it was evocative to see her such a funny idea.



December 20, 2009 2:19 AM