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December 19, 2013 7:00 AM



Sunday Roast



May 21, 2013 10:29 AM




Our friend Rimme says,

"In Holland, when the city starts freezing, people starts melting."

That's right. When we get super-freezing nights in winter, people in Holland starts to be happy and excited.
They become even nicer than usual. Because they like skating on natural ice so much!

My Dutch teacher, Els, also likes skating on natural ice.
Once she told us her story about how she survived from her fallen down under the natural ice. The story took 2weeks of our lessons. She became an exciting storyteller. (And we listened her story with our enthusiasm!)
Sometimes people on natural ice could fall down to the under the cracked ice. Otherwise from the thin part of the ice.

Els showed us an interesting tool for surviving from the natural ice accident. Then she taught us how to use it.

How interesting tool is it! You can survive yourself with his small and sharp neil against on the deadly slippy ice.
the black staff is a whistle. You must let people know that you are in urgent!
I and Daishin bought one each before our first skating on natural ice in Holland.

Fortunately we didn't fall down under the cracked ice because we carefully chosen the place to skate.
Actually we only went to a small lake(a pond?) in a park, or to a kanal that many people already enjoys their skating there.

Even though, yeah, I agree, we could enjoy so much to skate on the natural ice!
It's makes me feel so refreshed and freedom (and it's free)!





September 8, 2012 6:57 AM



Book Launch + Open Studio @ Orteliusstraat 15, Amsterdam





October 5, 2011 5:28 AM



Book Launch + Open Studio


September 30, 2011 6:46 AM




18th September 2011

I am preparing to make a book launch and open studio together with Daishin.




September 18, 2011 6:04 AM




5th, Aug, 2011

Yesterday I saw a film shooting about zombies from my balcony, was like this;


August 6, 2011 5:58 AM



Love in Tokyo

16th of July, 2011

I've got e-mail from friends who lives in Berlin. They are couple.

They say, "Thanks for the small presents, v (name of the girlfriend) loves the keyboard of 'Love in Tokyo'. Did you know that called 'Love in Tokyo?'"

I don't know what they call 'Love in Tokyo' about.
I have left a small present when I rent theirs house in Berlin, they were out for a while at the moment.
The present was that I found in Amsterdam, a hair accessory that made by old pc's keyboard apart to pieces, and pieces through a rubber-band.
I chose the one with 'v' for her initial.
Nowadays they'd back to their house and had found my present.

I am happy to hear that she loves it, (actually I was sure that that makes her happy) but what about 'Love in Tokyo'?

I googled the word 'Love in Tokyo' instead of replying them.

The search shows me results, mostly results are about a bollywood movie that released 1966 entitled 'Love in Tokyo' on YouTube.
I expected that that is not a result what I wanted but I didn't find any other fits either.

I started to watch some of those movies just for in case.

Wow...an Indian actor and an actress singing and dancing in the center of Tokyo in 1966.
They go through dance and sing everywhere, and old style Japanese everywhere.
They look happy with their life in Tokyo, 2 years after the Olympic game had been held there.

I felt like, '?' during I kept watching videos.
And the '?' have kept hanging somewhere in my head as if they are there because of their own shape.

I still don't have an answer about 'Love in Tokyo'. I guess that called about sending present to someone with one's initial goods! That's what I did...


July 16, 2011 9:43 PM



Mr. Gotoh's story

23rd of March, 2011

I am watching Mr. Gotoh's lecture everyday.
The reason is, after the quake, after the Fukushima Nuke accident, I was watching NHK internet broadcast everyday, actually I was glued to the tube, but i didn't feel understanding anything about this accident. Feels weird.

At the begining, I thought there are many unexplained matter about this accident but it's not only the reason i felt weird.

Then I started to watch Mr. Gotoh's lecture in Ustream.
His view of point is, you cannot understand about the nuclear accident without understand it technically. He explains about what happened, and what's the problem, based on the nuclear plant design and the containment vessels design.

And one more thing that i like about his lecture is,
He had worked as a technician of TOSHIBA nuclear department for long time, and he felt uncomfortable to work there with his all working period.
He wanted to make the Containment Vessels as strong as possible with his technician's good but its standard was not as he wanted. He says, actually there was no technical standard for such as a severe accident like Fukushima so far.
He had had his difficult time for long time about this double-standard, and now he is explaining what is the Containment Vessels of Fukushima before he says about nuke Yes or No.

Maybe that is why his words reach to me, such a broadcast watcher about Fukushima.

Japanese tried to be good shoppers but they didn't know how to shop theirs own energy.

March 23, 2011 4:46 AM




19th of March, 2011

We are worring about Fukushima's situation day and night. Concerned Parties trying hard day and night to make solve the accident but it doesn't look easy.

CINIC uploades new reports everyday.

This Report reported by two Nuclear technicians. Masahiko Tanaka is a former technician of HITACHI Nuclear Conteiment Vessels, and a reguler reporter Masashi Gotoh, a former technician of TOSHIBA Nuclear department. (Japanese-English)

And, Hisako Sakiyama, a master and an expert about radiation.
She talked about basic understanding about radiation actives. (only in Japanese)

The interesting part of those report, as for Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Gotoh says,

(They are well understanding that this accident is still too difficult to figure out all because the risk is too high to make any investigation, but)
*That is strange when the 'specialists' of nuke problem, in mass-media, says 'It is safe' about this accident, we cannot find any source of data about the safety they say.

*We need mentions about unclear matter that 'it is unclear' when they explain. If they make absence about unclear matter, it no longer will make people's understanding about this accident even the situation is still unexplained.

Ms. Sakiyama says,

*It does not make sense that using comparing for explaination about risks of radiation exposed between discharged radiation of Fukushima Nuke and medical radiation-exposed, for example X-ray or CT.
One is taking exposed radiation risks because the patient has higher risks of illness.
The other one is, people cleaning up national mistakes. They have no need to take a radiation exposed risk for their health.

* It does not make sense now the government olny reports radiation levels near by the Nuke plant. The government and Tepco immediately have to report around 30km areas from the plant, which is many people is there as evacuee.

Ms. Sakiyama is worried about there is no enough and no rapid announcement from the government to people so far, to save their health from the radiation actives.

March 19, 2011 11:55 PM